About the Lodge

Located in the quiet northern outskirts of Arklow, Asgard Lodge is a purpose-built nursing home on its own secluded grounds in County Wicklow. The home's name was chosen to reflect the maritime heritage of the area, and to represent the owners' connection to the famous Asgard 11.

As a member of Nursing Homes Ireland, we are committed to their shared vision and goals. Nursing Homes Ireland is the single representative body for the private and voluntary nursing homes sector in Ireland, and is therefore a key part of the Irish health service. Their vision is to ensure that all residents of nursing homes will receive high quality care, and we are proud to say that we consistently live up to their standards and ideals.

A front view of Asgard Lodge in the daylight.

Founded in 1996, the lodge began as a modest 20-bed home looking after the elderly of the Arklow community. Since then, it has grown to 34 beds, an expanded kitchen, multiple recreational areas, a beautifully renovated dining hall, and a new Covid-specialised nurses' station. Careful consideration and attention to detail can be seen in every corner of the home.

The number and skill mix of staff on duty is determined and provided according to a transparently applied, nationally validated assessment tool. This tool allows us to plan and meet the specific needs of each individual resident, and is subject to regular review by the Person in Charge. We endeavour to achieve the health outcomes of all residents according to their individual care plan.

The newly renovated and beautiful dining area.

Asgard Lodge can accommodate up to 34 residents. We staff a minimum of 1-2 registered nurses and up to 6 care assistants per shift. We can provide care for all four dependency levels, as definied by the Health Information and Quality Authority's Health Act of 2007. With fully modernized facilites, we can offer a comfortable living situation for all our residents.

We cater for those who may require General Care of the Older, Long Term Care, Respite Care, Dementia Care, Physical Disability Care, and Convalescent Care. We are here to assist your family in any way we can, and to ensure that you can rest easy, knowing that your loved ones are in good hands.

About the Owners

Asgard Lodge would not be what it is today without the love, determination, dedication to community, and strength of Oonagh Tyrrell. Although she is sorely missed, her memory lives on through the family, staff, and residents of the nursing home she so dearly cared for.

A portrait of the beloved owner hangs in the dining hall.

Originally established by Oonagh and her husband, Jimmy, Asgard Lodge is now managed by their daughter, Andrea, and her husband, Paddy. The Tyrrells are a well-known and respected Arklow family, with deep ties to the boating culture and history of the area, and the strong roots of multiple generations having grown up here.

The current owner operators hard at work renovating one of the common areas.

The apple does not fall far from the tree, as the new generation of owners are hard at work, continuing to improve the nursing home and the lives of all those that reside within it. Andrea and Paddy can be found on the property grounds day and night, renovating, decorating, engaging with residents and staff alike, in a tireless attempt to ensure that Asgard Lodge continues to be the best nursing home it can be.